Intuitive Guidance and Unseen Beings

Is Earth the Only Cradle of Intelligent Civilization?

Last night I dreamt that ships of light were appearing in our skies, and that most people around me had accepted the reality of intelligent, off-Earth humans with advanced technology. I don’t have dreams like this very often, and I take them with a grain of salt.

Some people believe that there are well-meaning, intelligent humans from other parts of the Galaxy who are waiting nearby on ships until we, as a species, as a collective, are spiritually ready and morally mature enough to meet and greet them.

Because I have no personal evidence of this (beyond one intriguing event from a few Summers ago), I remain scientific about this: a skeptic with no conclusions drawn towards either end of the discussion.

However I do have personal experience of interacting not with ExtraTerrestrials (people living Outside of Terra: Earth) but with Extra-Dimensionals — beings who exist outside of our current range of sight and hearing. For me, these interactions have been both well-meaning and also not-so-nice, at times.

Of course this is my own subjective experience, and if there is a Higher Wisdom who can affirm whether my interactions are actual-being-to-being exchanges or not, I also can’t say — speaking from my scientific mindset.

Guardians or Foes?

Some people in our overall community believe that our world governments have been hoarding (and hiding) such advanced technology, and wish to reveal themselves in a theatre of lies, portraying themselves as ETs. Others believe in the reality of ETs (human-like beings with off-Earth origins) and think they are all good people, while still others hold that they exist and are all bad people.

Just taking a look at the variety of humans on Earth (on Terra, if you will) reveals a huge range of personalities, intentions, and motives. Why an even broader range of newly-revealed people would suddenly have a much narrower range eludes me as a rational concept. Expanding the total sum of people being analysed would tend to broaden the diversity rather than narrow it — both in terms of physical types as well as personalities or motivations. In other words, the nice-to-naughty ratio is probably roughly the same, no matter the sample size.

Others’ Testimony

One source of evidence I have that helps throw my tentative conclusions into the “ETs are real” hat is the testimony of certain others. I personally feel these people to be good-hearted, honest Souls with enough spiritual, emotional, and psychological maturity to accurately portray their own experiences. Furthermore, they seem to be part of a growing group whose testimonies corroborate with each other’s, even though some of them had never met each other until recently.

People I Follow at the Moment

Of course I don’t believe every single, solitary word of everyone I listen to or read periodically, since I have had the unfortunate occasion to follow some individuals who later were shown to be disingenuous.

But, in good faith, the following includes a short list of good-hearted individuals I follow who believe in and have stated their own personal experience with EDs and/or ETs. Also listed are some who have not necessarily have their own “contact” experience per se (as far as I know) beyond seeing lights in the sky that were definitely not satellites, planes, or drones — but like me accept or believe the testimony of others who have had more broad experience. A few of these people may have stronger political leanings than others, but most do not, and that isn’t my point anyway.

In alphabetical order (for fairness’ sake):

Aaron Kuhn & Tyler Kiwala (Journey to Truth podcast), Alex Collier, Amanda Ellis (Angelic Celestial Colours), Andrea Foulkes, Benjamin Fulford, Celia Fenn (Starchild Global), Dana Mrkych, Dani Henderson, Dolores Cannon (d. 2014), Elena Danaan, Jane Roberts (d. 1984), Jean-Charles Moyen (Civilisation 5D), Jean-Claude (Beyond Mystic), Jennifer Hoffman (Enlightening Life), Julia Balaz (Galactic Astrology), Katie Sweetman (Empowering Astrology), Kauilapele (KP), Laura Eisenhower (Cosmic Gaia), Lyssa Royal, Marla Kelly (Twinstrology), Dr. Michael Salla (ExoPolitics), Nicole Frolick (Enlighten Up podcast), Pam Gregory (The Next Step Astrology), Rebecca Dawson, Suzy Ward (Matthew Books), Tony Rodrigues, Valerie Donner (The Ground Crew), and many others.

There are many, many other names who have had contact, believe, and/or are open minded, and the ranks seem to grow by each week, month, and year that we experience. So please don’t take offence if I have left off one or two, or many, of your favourites. This world is way too big to cover everything in one blog post. They are simply the people I’ve followed for more than few years who came to mind while I was writing this.

(Though I have not provided links to any websites or social media accounts, I encourage you to look them up yourself.)

Whither “Intuitive” Guidance?

Where does my own intuitive guidance and wisdom come from? As an Earth-bound, human being with a scientific failsafe, I can only definitively say it comes through my own mind or awareness. However over the course of my own spiritual development, I have become confident that there exists a Higher Self aspect of each of us, as well as other intelligent, Extra-Dimensional beings who are available for our benefit. Some call these beings Guardian Angels, or Spirit Guides.

I also believe and have some personal experience to support the notion that reincarnation is real, but that time itself is an illusion, and we are at times (perhaps more often than we realize) interacting with our own “past” or “future” selves, the ancestors from our current lineage, and “relatives,” friends and colleagues from other incarnations.

In addition, I am sure of the loving presence of the Earth herself, though I am not personally sure whether that presence or awareness is a higher being or the collective consciousness of all Living Beings on the planet: animal, vegetable, mineral, and etheric. On that note, I am also fairly certain of the existence of etheric beings sometimes known as Fairies, Elves, Ents, Gnomes, Sprites, Naiads, Dryads and the like.

I am not discounting the existence of God. Some call this concept Source, All That Is, or Great Spirit. I personally prefer the indigenous term Great Mystery, since it resonates from the standpoint of our current inability to prove or know these things definitively. As we grow and learn, we realize there is so much more to learn, and so many more directions in which to expand.

If I’m correct, and most or all of these unseen types do exist, my best guess is that my own intuitive guidance comes from an assorted collection of positive beings, sometimes working in concert with each other and other times noting a lone opportunity to enlighten me.

Such are my thoughts on these topics today — or perhaps, relevant thoughts from elsewhere that I’ve curated for this article.



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