QHHT SC #8: About Africa

SL: Ellen was wondering about her links with Africa. (Mmh!) She’s… in this incarnation it seems like she had a lot of interest and ties with Africa. What’s that all about?

SC: Africa is going to be a new spiritual centre of the planet.

SL: OK! She senses that.

SC: She knows this… (OK) at some level, yes. (OK) And it is… It’s an area of the planet that has on the one hand maintained its innocence, but also a great deal of wisdom ~ and has been experiencing so much strife (OK) and had very much of their… seeming, seeming to have much of their power stolen. (OK) But when the energies… when the break… when the critical mass of awareness happens, and many difficulties leave at once, and many other people become suddenly aware at once, (OK) they will be looking for comfort and inspiration (OK) and Africa will be the wise child to guide the parents of the Earth.

SL: And Ellen just tapped into that, she knows that.

SC: She’s also had lives on Africa (OK) that were very grounding and moving. She’s experienced those energies in her body (OK) and knows the value of that teaching.

SL: OK so her memories will help her in this life, those energies?

SC: Yes… that’ll help her. She just needs to enjoy watching it. (OK) She doesn’t need to try and dance that way ~ or visiting the country- the continent would be maybe more more effort then it returns to her. (OK) But enjoying the personality of the continent will help it flow in her and other places as well. (OK)

{ P.S. Enjoy my Africa-inspired Youtube playlist! }