QHHT SC #12: “Aging”

The SC gives us an enlightening perspective on the thing we call “Aging.”

SL: OK and maybe that’ll… by rebooting her body, maybe that’ll help her with the aging process. Ellen was wondering if it’s possible to, you know, reverse aging or even stop aging. We’re wondering what your perspective is on that.

SC: The concept of aging is… it’s a word that has become attached to, uh, destruction of the body by small amounts. (OK) The… As long as humans have a clock of any kind, the body will “age.” (OK) The different ages of the body are an opportunity to experience life from different perspectives. But this does not necessarily mean that one has to go from the helpless infant to a helpless, debilitated senior. (OK) That the different perspectives of the different ages are simply that. How different it is to be an adolescent or a young adult, versus a toddler, or someone who has finished their work life. (OK) It has nothing to do with what the state of the body “should be.” (OK) The body can be healthy at all of those stages ~ (OK) it might look different but if she wishes for her hair to have pigment, it can indeed.

SL: OK, so it would be easy, right?

SC: Yes, and the stress of dealing with too many energies caused the body to need to prioritize for a time. (Right) So the gray hair is a… was where some energy was borrowed. (OK) And many people have either not built the capacity or space to bounce back from that sort of stress (OK) or they believe that it’s irreversible, (OK) but that is unfortunate.

SL: From your perspective it’s just so easy, right?

SC: It’s very easy. (OK) Pigment is it a part of the body functionality. As long as one is alive, it’s no different from anything else. { I got a real sense of “duh” here from SC. Like a slight eye-rolling that we should even need to be told this. Kindly, but spoken from a perspective that finds this understanding to be wholly self-evident. ❤ I actually love that. }