Prayer Buttons

Charging the Earth Element

Update #2: I now have a proper Mala necklace, and by the way I just love it. It’s beautiful, and the energy is fantastic. If you are looking for one, please consider buying from Miyallu‘s shop on Amazon. { I still like the buttons, though 🙂 }

Update: Even at Day 2 I am starting to feel the magic of being a child again.

It has been shared with me that it would be beneficial to begin a practice of Mantras. Zuzi is aligned with the master Sri Kaleshwar, and his Five Elements Process is quite rigorous but also very thorough for grounding and purification of a person’s human body, experience and habits/behaviour. { The method is offered as a free download, in English, German and Japanese ~ and if you are intrigued I highly recommend checking it out! }

She had introduced this to me a few years ago when I was wanting to heal aspects of myself but was not ready in that way ~ today I had a wish to begin on January 1: now. There are six meditations, each one is done for 41 days, but I will be able to group them after the first one. It won’t quite be a year of mantras, but a few months anyway. 🙂

Until I get proper prayer beads { Mala } I am using 108 prayer buttons 🙂