QHHT SC #5: Coming Into Balance

Ellen had shared with the practitioner during the pre-session conversation about a very difficult year emotionally right from the beginning of 2016, which culminated in what felt like intense depression. Her resolution combined the help of several energy healers, some better boundaries, and a much-appreciated homeopathic doctor. Ellen’s eyes were opened to the physical causes of depression, pleased that the alternative remedies have been working so well, but she was also introduced to the influence of lower-density consciousness on an unguarded human person. SC elaborates. { In the original audio file, this section begins at 33:33 🙂 }

SL: Speaking of darkness, Ellen wanted to know about the dark energies… She, she thinks that her depression in September and a few months before that even, might be tied to possibly dark energies or dark forces. What kind of… What advice can you give Ellen about all that? What happened??

{ long pause } She was being bombarded by … by … complaints. (OK) Not complaints towards her… (By her own complaints?) Partly… But it… There were energies following her that have a habit of complaining about everything. (OK) And when those energies coalesce together they create an extremely high pitch ~ like a panic pitch.

SL: OK. And then that manifested as a kind of depression for Ellen?

SC: It blew her circuits. (OK. It was just too much.) She was trying to… She learned about boundaries. (OK) And she likes to think that everything in the immediate vicinity is { as } kindly and loving as her own heart, (OK) but she’s on planet with many different types of people all the time. (OK) And she came here to assist. So in order to keep her own vibrations high, she was ignoring that factor. And it was not just the strife between [deleted] that was coming at her, but that combined with the general public being worried about everything, and it… her sensitivity to energy is one that likes to take in the energy and experience it in order to understand it (OK) and this was too much for her body.

SL: OK she just took too much in at the same time. (She did) OK. Now in order to help her, she’s been taking homeopathic medicines to (Yes) to deal with the energies. Do you have any advice or suggestions to Ellen about what she can do? Does she need those medicines?

SC: She does, for a time. The medicines are not simply for the experience that she had. (OK) Those experiences brought to light her… She got used to a level of body function (OK) that was not all that healthy. (OK) Her, her ability to raise vibration was compensating for many things. (OK) So those medicines that… She understands that her body responds to the assistance of the plant the plant kingdom. (OK) And they will… they’re a tool. In another time and place, it would be much simpler to flip and energetic switch. (OK) But because of the rigidity of the mind in the life up until now ~ up until she awoke about what they call ascension, that part of her that you might say was “of the matrix” is being honoured by what looks like a scientific process. (OK) In fact, the most important aspect of the plant assistance is simply having the energetic in the body to remind her that all is magical.

SL: OK. So Ellen should keep taking these just for the time being? It would help her?

SC: It’s a process of unfolding… unclenching (OK) of… that has begun and it can be allowed to be continue. Her relationship with the homeopathic doctor is… goes deeper than the depression remedies. (OK) There’s some back-and-forth of information from very different, very different perspectives ~ compatible ~ so it’s also an opportunity for these two women to exchange this information.

SL: OK. So it’s a wonderful opportunity. (Yes) OK. It’s wonderful.

And it does do, with the combined intent, it does bring the body into balance (OK) very very well.

SL: OK, That’s wonderful that it’s working and it has a purpose. (It has- Yes.) OK