QHHT SC #4: Difficulties & Awareness

Here SC talks about an incident Ellen saw when she was very young, and explains the reasons her greater self chose to be a witness. SC also tied it into the collective experience. There is a fascinating piece about how the mind works and plays a part in what we see and don’t see — as part of being human. Note that when Ellen had to pee during the session, the practitioner had to escort her. { Trying to walk felt a lot like being very drunk. I remember saying “that’s good” about going deeper, because I wasn’t looking forward to this portion of the session. }

SL: Ellen wanted to know about an incident that happened when she was really little, when she saw a child in her uncle’s home. (I should probably pee.) Oh you need to pee. (Yeah.) OK. We can go to the washroom, and when you come back, you’ll just go even deeper. (That’s good) and we’ll just continue exactly where we left off.

SL: OK, so we’ll just pick up from where we left off. (OK) OK. So I was just asking about an incident that happened when Ellen was a really young child. And she saw at her uncle’s home a child (more than one) more than one child being hurt. Ellen wants to know, why did she see that? What was the purpose for her witnessing this?

SC: There would have been no other way to understand what her sisters were going through. She felt it on an energetic level and she saw the dysfunction among all all of the family members, but without… She has a very inquiring mind, and if she doesn’t have all the information, then she tries and tries, and tries more to obtain it (OK) in various ways. And this was not something that she could ever have imagined on her own. (OK)

SL: So it was important for her to see it so she would believe it.

SC: Yes. And to… It’s very sad, uh… It’s a very sad situation. It taught her about what happens… what was happening on the Earth. That the things that we hear about in the political and religious structures, that they also happened in the families (OK) that is not being discussed in the news. And when we read the alternate news about these abuses and patterns, that the family is not being cared for.

SL: OK. So it was important for Ellen to see also so that she can grow her empathy and her compassion toward people.

SC: My own and, and also when the time is right, many people whose families have these patterns as well will need to know that they’re not alone. That it’s not overshadowed by the official story of high-positioned people who have their special problems. (OK) That ordinary loving families were infected by this as well.

SL: OK, that’s really important. Do you have advice to give Ellen for how to get over that trauma when she was child? She’s… she’s still suffering from not being able to get naked, or just easily have sex. It seems like there’s still some trauma around that incident, just knowing that her uncle had done these kinds of things.

SC: She’s growing and moving out of that gradually. (OK) The most important thing to understand is that what she saw is a completely… it is not even a little bit the same action… it is a completely and totally different action than when humans have loving sex — (OK, so…) even though the same organs are involved, (OK) the same… some of the same hormones and physiology — because it is always the intent and the energy first. (OK) And once she fully understands that… { …she will not be affected by it traumatically. } She knows it, but there’s a… it’s new… it’s a new understanding in this new culture (OK) that is just taking some time to anchor. (OK) { The implication here being that healing in a way happens collectively. That new information and understanding on a collective level, if it is still being anchored, won’t be as readily available to individuals who are grappling with difficult concepts. The implications of this are very broad reaching. }

SL: So Ellen, like many other people in this culture, are realizing it’s not just about genitals and (Right) and just biology. So if Ellen focuses more on the other aspects of sex, then this trauma won’t have such a huge effect on her life life.

SC: That’s right, it’s fading. And the other the other reason was that — she knows, she knows about this — that she’ll be able to help people — as she invites the energies that she doesn’t know how to understand — the goddess, so-called goddess energy.

SL: OK, so as Ellen invites the goddess energies into her life to completely heal, (Yes) she’ll be able to act as a guide and teacher for other people. (To guide others, yes) OK.

{ I want to comment here that I had a note to ask SC what it means to “invite the goddess energy into the body” — what is “the goddess” actually? — but the practitioner and I got into other topics in such depth that I never even posed the question. I was so pleased that SC brought it up, dropped it in appropriately, as it were. And as you see, also comments on that next. In this section I didn’t feel that “I” was speaking. }

SC: She shouldn’t worry that she doesn’t understand what the goddess means. It will grow inside of her and teach her from the inside.

SL: OK, and it’s a process. (It’s a process) OK and as she goes through this process, she has even more ways to help others who will be going through those processes…

SC: Yes, and who are not afraid of the unknown, but there’s a human tendency to want to know what the package contents are before purchasing. And the more that “ascending humans,” for lack of a better term, trust that the energy vibe is the leading force, (OK) the more they’ll be able to let go of needing to know (Right) everything in advance. (OK) It’s a magical unfolding like a flower blooming.

SL: So if Ellen trusts that that magical unfolding, it’ll be easier for her. (Yes) OK. So she’s well on her way to healing all that trauma that she experienced earlier.

SC: She’s… she is… Her mind… her mind stays… her… she… As a child she spent many hours revisiting what she saw and felt, (OK) and trying to understand it (OK) and trying to line it up with what is normal in families and relationships. (OK) And so there’s a certain amount of undoing that needs to happen in the brain, (OK) but this is assisted by the ascension energies and by her intent.

SL: OK. Yeah, she has lots of help doesn’t, she? (Yeah. She does) OK. So it’s important for her to intend to keep going on healing, and…

SC: And to remember that this child was confused. Because there was… People talk about the “darkness” on the planet in those years. The “darkness…” Darkness… People need to understand that darkness is just darkness. (OK) Darkness… There can be a better word for the troubles and conflicts. The beautiful midnight sky is very dark. A mystery is dark. (OK) But happiness can come from the mystery. But the… What I see in the energies of that… 1970s or thereabouts — it was not… uh, some darkness in terms of information not being forthcoming… (OK) But there’s a lack of movement in the mind, (OK — stalled energy?) a fixation on what’s supposed to be normal, or what I’m supposed to be doing in my life. And if we move our minds to the right of the left that we would have seen these things. (OK) It’s it’s… We had less capacity to… Our minds were not as grown (OK) and we didn’t have the capacity to put it all (into perspective) into perspective. Not just because Ellen was a child but also because we were growing out of our… in the United States had not been in a foreign war (OK) before, so we didn’t know that energy, and we were shaking that off. (OK. OK.)

{ We were being lectured to here about not using the word “darkness” — which can have quite beautiful and magical meanings — as a euphemism for ill-intent. There is a danger in that, that we might reassign a neutral word in a way that it will no longer be easily able to be used for wonderful things. The rest of the meaning, that I understood as this being was speaking, was that Ellen was confused because her mind could see to the right and the left, because she was still so innocent, and she didn’t understand why others could not see what was happening, or why they were allowing it to happen. She may have assumed that the adults had the same fluidity of impression, and if so then why was this allowed to happen?

I also noted that SC mentioned the U.S. had not been in a foreign war before, and so were deep in that experience still, mentally and emotionally. Rationally of course when I listened to this recording, I know that the U.S. was also in WWI, but I am convinced that SC was lumping those two wars together as a common energy body event. One experience for the people of Earth, with just a gap of 15 years in between.

Finally I want to comment on the SC’s tendency to say “my” and “we.” At first in the session I thought that ego-I was trying to take over. But as it went on, I realized that there is clearly a sense of group awareness and a kind of family feeling. “They” are not existing apart from “us,” coolly observing and commenting on what “we” humans are doing, when asked. The sense I was struck with greatly, was that these events also were and so ARE happening to “them” just as much. When they said “Our minds were not as grown” the sense was: as a collective. As humanity, prior to expansion and ascension. }