QHHT SC #10: Father Guilt

This portion covers a rather difficult topic for Ellen: the energetics surrounding her relationship with her father. Mike has passed and Ellen has found it hard to focus on their dynamics or remember events in order to heal some of the early hurts. The SC goes right to the core of it and offers a very strong solution. This is an example of very strongly worded advice, as I sensed it from the SC. One could say it was emphatic.

SL: Now this lifetime Ellen… she’s been carrying around a bit of guilt or kind of a sense of self blame for some things that happened with her father. Do you have any advice or suggestions to give to Ellen about that whole situation with her father? How she can release some of the sense of guilt?

SC: He placed the responsibility in her. (OK) He was not willing to take responsibility for his own life, (OK) and at the time that she came into the family, he was ready to stop trying. (OK) And she was too open to energies, and he dropped it in at that time. { While SC was working up to saying “dropped” I heard and wanted to say “Plop!” 🙂 }

SL: She didn’t deserve it…

SC: No. (OK) It was wrong.

SL: But because she was so loving and open, she didn’t know any other way…

SC: She thought, as many of us do, that the job on Earth will be easy because it seems so clear from this perspective. (Mm) But a small little child in a chaotic household, feeling the energies of many many very upset people has no power. The power is only to keep existing. (OK)

SL: OK. So what can Ellen do now to release some of that? Because it doesn’t belong to her. Those energies were given to her unfairly, and she didn’t deserve that. What can she do now?

SC: She can create a small ritual. It looks like a very dense cube ~ a square cube. (OK) And she can take it… She can find a stone, or buy a crystal that’s a dark cube that looks like it to her, (OK) and she can create a ritual to give it back to him. (OK) And it would be best if she threw it in the trash. (OK) There’s no need to honour it by “planting it in the ground” or anything like that. Just throw it out.

SL: So she would just do this ritual one time? (One time.) And just throw it out.

SC: Throw it out. (Release it totally.) Yeah. It’s not worth anything.

SL: And maybe, that might help her release some of the other things in her life, too.

SC: Yes, it will. (OK) Very many things are tied to that.

SL: OK. So it seems like that’s one of the first things she would do when she gets back home.

SC: That sounds wise.

SL: OK, and that’ll just unfold so much more.

SC: It will be a kind of a release, where a few weeks go by afterwards, that seem to be a bit of a fog, (OK) and then she’ll wake up to a different way of feeling.

SL: OK everything will change after that. (Yes) OK. That seems like really good advice… Wow…

SC: Thank you for asking.

SL: I think that’ll really help Ellen… (Yeah… ) OK