QHHT SC #13: Full Body Reboot

In this last section Samiksa facilitates a physical healing. I haven’t had a chance to tell her yet, so she’ll be reading this for the first time when she sees this ~ She asked a few times, “can you do this for Ellen” ~ The SC was so involved in doing it already that there was actually no energy available to speak and reassure her 🙂 I could feel some of it subtly, but mostly I noticed the big air movement after a few moments, a big outbreath like a sigh. I know there was a lot going on. The SC was very preoccupied with the task and very grateful I know for Samiksa’s facilitation. I think they don’t really get that kind of opportunity unless it is expressly given and the space held for it. ❤ ❤

SL: Now you were talking about a reboot, or some kind of a ritual that would just totally help Ellen be like reborn, start over, restart everything ~ just so that she can move on with her life, and do the things she really loves. We were wondering because you’re so powerful, if we could do that now?

SC: We would be honoured.

SL: So I ask all the powers to do a full body scan on Ellen… Do a full body scan and find all the areas in her body that might need a little extra help to be healed, rebuilt. Scan head to toe… Would it be possible to do full reboot of Ellen’s body now?

SC: Yes. (OK)

SL: Let’s start from her head to… down to her toes… So can you see anywhere in her… in her head that she she could use some rebooting? Or anywhere you can send some of that healing energy?

SC: The whole brain. (The whole brain. OK.) The upper portion of the brain ~ the newer portion. (OK, the frontal part.) And the top back. (OK)

SL: Ellen would really appreciate it if we just send all the healing energy to these areas and reboot… OK… Are you working on that now for her?

SC: Yes… (OK)

SL: Can I keep talking with you while you work on that?

SC: Yes. Yes, please.

SL: OK let’s move down through her body. Where else, where else does Ellen need help?

SC: She holds tension between… in the area of the high heart chakra. (OK)

SL: Can we please send some of that energy… the full healing into this chakra area… (*clears throat*) It will help her breathe better as well. OK. (Thank you.) I ask all the powers to send all the healing energy into these areas. Ellen would really appreciate it. OK, let’s look through the rest of the body, if there’s anywhere else (*outbreath*) that needs rebooting…

SC: The hips… (The hips. OK) The, the pelvis bowl ~ (OK) the bone itself. (The bone itself.)

SL: So now you’re sending that, the healing energy there too. Ellen would really appreciate that too. (*outbreath*) So you’re working on her now… (Yes.) That’s wonderful. She’d really appreciate it. (It’s true.) Where else in her body would need some help?

SC: The bottoms of her feet (OK) and the ankles (OK).

SL: OK, let’s send that energy into that area too. Now I know that you’ll be working on Ellen now, but also over the next few days to continue the full reboot of her whole body ~ all the cells (*outbreath*) and tissues and bones in her body. (*clears throat*) OK… So we would really appreciate it you keep working on her over the next few days. Would you please do that?

SC: Yes, of course. (OK)

SL: And after this, after this reboot and detox period, she’ll feel much better?

SC: She’ll feel reborn.

SL: Totally reborn. That’s just wonderful. She’d really appreciate it. Is there anywhere else that you can see in her body that she needs it?

SC: The tips of her fingers, (OK) and, and the nerves along the top of the hand… (OK) and the fingers.

SL: OK. That would really mean a lot to her, because she’s an artist and uses her hands all the time. Let’s just send some of that energy there too. OK. And while you’re doing that for the full body, can I ask more questions? (Yes.) OK. We put a bottle of water above Ellen’s head, here. We wanted to know if you could send some of that same healing energy into the water for her to drink over the next few days to help the detox process. (Yes of course.) OK. So everything’s just going to be rebooted, for her.

SC: She needs the reproductive organs to be rebooted as well. (OK, let’s do that.) And the stomach and intestines…

SL: OK. Ellen was mentioning that she’s been holding the energies in her organs.

SC: Yes. (OK) All of that can be flushed and cleansed, (OK) and certain aspects rebooted. (OK)

SL: And once her body is rebooted, then the all the symptoms are going to disappear?

SC: They will dissipate. (OK)

SL: There’s no need for them to be here any more. (No.) OK. That’s wonderful. And while you’re working on her… Do you have any other messages or suggestions or advice to give to Ellen before we go?

SC: Keep practicing loving yourself. (OK) And trust… that… Trust… Trust that. That’s the key. (OK)

SL: Just loving yours… loving herself is the key.

SC: That’s the key.

SL: OK. That’s the key that would open all the…

SC: That’s what she needs to trust in. (OK) Not to trust that such-and-such will happen, or that some process will work, but to trust in the love for herself. (OK)

SL: OK. And that key will open all the doors for her.

SC: Yes. All of them. (OK)

SL: And do you have any other advice or suggestions for her?

SC: Drive safely.

SL: Drive safely? OK 🙂 In a vehicle?

SC: Yes. (OK…) And her life. (And her life.)

SL: Is there anything else you can give her before she goes? Before you go?

SC: Never give up. (Never give up.)

SL: OK… Wonderful… Thank you so much for answering our questions and for your help today. (Thank you!) I know it means a lot to Ellen to have this reboot and having all her questions answered. Do you think that we answered all of her questions?

SC: Yes, I think so.

SL: OK… Wonderful. Now I’m asking the subconscious to recede to where it belongs, with much love and much thanks for the help and information it has been giving Ellen today.

{ End of SC Section }