QHHT SC #6: Messy Apartment

In this part the SC answers questions about the state of my apartment. I have to say I was unprepared for the answer ~ and quite comforted and relieved.

SL: Now you mentioned unclenching. Another theme that Ellen wants to ask about is blocks and clutter and letting go. So for example of her apartment feels to her like cluttered and she wants to declutter it. And she has items at { her friend }’s basement that she wants to deal with but she’s just putting it off. And she just feels like she wants to make a change but there’s some kind of a block. What is this block about? What is… What’s really going on?

SC: She hears about blocks. The situation in her living space is { like } the… the things that are collected when the snowplow pushes forward. Before the snow plow comes, the snow is laid out evenly on the ground, and it’s easy to walk over and it’s neat and pretty. But when it comes to clear the snow, it gets bunched up before it’s put to the side. (OK) There’s… it’s been… it was a large… She took on a large task in the family (OK) of holding space for her sisters and her mother and her father. And now that that process, that task, is complete… The things in her apartment are her own choosing (OK) but the energy of their arrangement is matching the mess that the family looked like. (OK) But as the plow of her intent pushes it and pushes it to the side, it bunches up on on the plow and looks like a mess. (OK) But it’s a paradox.

SL: It’s getting better b… like it gets worse before it gets better…

SC: It has to be collected before it’s thrown away. (OK) And this applies to the energetic arrangement of the possessions, not to the possessions themselves. (OK) That there is a scattering of energies, and that scattering has to be picked up.

SL: OK. And that’s why she’s doing that.

SC: Yes… It has to be… (gathered into one place). Yeah… It’s frustration for her… The casual advice is to “just do it” … But just “do what?” (Right…) So it is a one-time deal, that once the plow has pushed all the snow to the side, it will be very easy.

SL: Yes… So it seems like right now she’s just gathering up all the scattered energies (Yes) and it’s a necessary process.

SC: She’s waiting for many many things.

SL: OK, and it’s serving. (It’s serving.) Do you have any advice to give her about that?

SC: Don’t let it bother her so much. (OK) Don’t feel despair that it is going to go into the rest of her life. (OK)

SL: She seems kind of… It seems like Ellen was worried about the clutter…

She’s… she absorbs the energy of the scattered and loses the perspective of the process. (OK)

SL: So from Ellen’s perspective she’s gathering up all the energies and absorbing them, and from where you are you’re seeing that she’s actually, she’s healing ~ she’s gathering up all the energies in order to plow them (Yes) OK.

SC: But she doesn’t know she’s doing this. (OK)

SL: OK. So she’s she’s in despair and worry about it, and your message is, just don’t worry about it, (Let it…) you’re doing what you need to be doing.

Let it be messy and, and then it will be like a switch that’s flipped.

SL: OK, when the time is right…?

When the time is right. (OK) It’s… it goes against all the modern advice, (OK) and the lesson is, don’t listen to that. (OK) If it’s not for your situation, you can let others take that advice if they want to. (OK) It doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like it orderly. It means that this is part of what she contracted for, which was very different from what some other people take on. (OK) It’s of its own energy and pattern (OK) and it will resolve.

SL: OK. So she shouldn’t try to compare her her path to other people’s path. (No…) She’s got something to do and she’s doing it very well.

Yes, she’s doing it very well. (OK)