QHHT SC #7: Mom & Ellen

Ellen and her mother. Good job, El!

SL: Now it seems like Ellen’s a very caring person, and she’s awake and she’s here to help the planet. Recently she realized that she’s been giving so much love and care to everybody else and not so much to herself. Is there any advice that you can give to Ellen about about that?

SC: Stop trying to take on other people’s pain and challenges. (OK) Let them deal with it. (OK)

SL: And she was doing her dishes and recently and doing it in a way that she would have done it for her mother who she loves very much, and that made her feel wonderful.

SC: The relationship with her mother is from a time before the major difficulties, and it’s… aligning with that way of treating each other reminds Ellen… it provides a template for backing out the hard work, (OK) into something fun and loving and light.

SL: OK, So if she approaches her activities in daily life with that energy…

SC: She will be able to make it a game (OK) and laugh and be empowered and energized by the activity.

SL: OK, and she deserves it.

SC: Yes she’s she’s done very… very… good… { I remember this so well, and it makes me laugh now. I was really trying hard to help SC find the right word, which is something I’m quite good at in my ordinary conscious state, but sometimes it takes quite a bit of extra time. In this case I guess we decided or concluded that it wasn’t worth holding up the session for just one word. Let me see if I can find it now… It was something like “exemplary” but we both felt that was too highfalutin’ a term 🙂 Fine, or quality comes to mind. You know: “good!” 🙂 }

SL: She doesn’t give herself enough credit?

SC: No, she doesn’t.

SL: But she’s doing very well…

SC: She’s doing well for herself, and for… she doesn’t know what good is working through her.

SL: OK. But if she, uh, surrenders and trusts in the magical unfoldment, it’ll just work.

SC: Yes.

SL: OK. Wonderful…