QHHT SC #11: Symptoms

Next, SC and the QHHT practitioner talk about the underlying causes and symbolism of various physical symptoms.

SL: Ellen in this incarnation, she’s been experiencing different symptoms like shortness of breath. She thinks there might be sleep apnea, she’s not really sure. She wakes up in the middle of the night. She has congestion throughout her body. Nearsightedness. She been told she has leaky gut, candidiasis. What’s really going on in her body? What are all these symptoms pointing to?

(* longish pause *) SC: She needs to have a rebirth of some sort. There are rituals and practices that promise this on the one hand, and there is a sense that one can simply intend it. And neither works terribly well. (OK)

SL: So she needs a rebirth of some kind.

SC: It’s like a reboot, to reboot the computer. (OK. OK.) The energies are… The computer’s been on too long. And we’re speaking in strictly figurative terms. That she can simply allow a certain watching and worrying aspect of her brain to switch off, and stay off for a period of time. She can ask that this coincide with the period of time after she releases the baggage from her father. (OK) She can ask that that part of her… She has been taking on too many energies of other people ~ (OK) and this is the same symbolism ~ so that it’s made her… She used to be a nervous wreck, and now she’s passed that to her body. (OK) But that can reset quite easily.

SL: Right. And it seems like um, the symptoms of congestion and even the candidiasis… it’s like it’s like things are there that aren’t meant to be there.

SC: Foreign-bodies. (Foreign bodies are in her body.) Foreign energies. (Right) People camping out in her body. (Right) Energies camping out.

SL: So once she stops absorbing people’s challenges and worries, and releases some of her own, that that will really clear up all the symptoms.

SC: She will feel more carefree… (OK) And there was some good reason to be so engaged in others’ process during the last few decades of this planet’s process, that there was some assistance, a hand-holding. But that time is over now.