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Mobile & kiosk GUI design & development support for the global hospitality industry


Client is a leader in handheld service apps { as well as the broader base of kiosks and information management which supports them } and continually implements new ideas and technologies in their field.

Due to the quality of the relationship that has formed, we are able to work together towards the greatest consistency and calibre of design and interface — providing support as the team branches out into unexplored territories.


Icon and interface screen design, Flash symbols for use in Flex-created kiosk environments, stop-motion instructional animations

Documents and solutions for marketing presentations as well as for use by service personnel, wireframe & realistic-looking renderings of new hardware concepts for internal & business-to-business use, consultation


Allow end-users of the technology, whether trained professionals or the general public { who may be using a kiosk for the first time } to have a fully comfortable, satisfying & successful transaction experience.

Provide attractive and consistent designs for ongoing projects and installments, catering to the needs of the development team and their customer base. Where company branding exists, style guides are strictly respected and adhered to.


Hard code all sites, conduct research and site management. Strive for backend efficiency, maintain standards compliancy, ensure ability to bookmark all discrete pages as well as ease of updating.

Design for as small a footprint as possible to minimize bandwidth, while taking into consideration the needs of high-resolution handhelds.


It Just Works Software Corporation 


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