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Websites for musicians, artists, holistic practitioners, authors & more


These sites represent a continually growing reservoir of expertise & practical web skills.


Concept refinement, colleagues research, interface considerations, visual inspiration, development & implementation


Help clients portray themselves and/or their role or product in an efficient, friendly, beautiful and intuitive manner. Devise solutions for their needs and wishes, while minimizing potential viewer confusion.

A balance between right-brained { visual } and left-brained { verbal } representations is also a strong consideration, to ensure comfort across a broad selection of visitors.


Hard code all sites, conduct research and site management. Strive for backend efficiency, maintain standards compliancy, ensure ability to bookmark all discrete pages as well as ease of updating.

Design for as small a footprint as possible to minimize bandwidth, while taking into consideration the needs of high-resolution handhelds.


Cafe Musette · Heal From Within · Al Somma · Starchild Global · Be Pop Records · ellencarnahan.com 


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