Two Saturdays ago I went for a QHHT session facilitated by a dear friend who has since stopped offering sessions. To honour her new path, I have removed her name from these posts. I’ve wanted to have a session for more than three years, and Spirit really came through by getting us in touch with each other the way things happened. I’m very grateful. My friend was an amazing and wonderful facilitator who made me feel completely at ease with a process and experience that was going to be totally new to me.

It’s an odd inner sensation to surrender to one’s higher awareness as well as some “friends in higher places” who have their own things to say. Occasionally when I’m looking for answers within myself or feeling particularly inspired, I hear some of these same concepts as inner whispers. But this was a completely different experience from that, and I really wanted to do right by them and honour the messages. I’ve left in many of my friend’s interjectory “OKs” in the transcript because they are true to what was spoken, but also because I realize how much they really helped me feel that I was “doing OK” in trance.

* * *

In QHHT, the SC or Sub-Conscious is the term used for the Higher Self, and also any other higher guides and friends that have messages or advice for the client.

I remember all of what was said — while my voice was speaking I felt as though I was speaking. Yet I remember a consciousness fishing for just the right word for example, or I remember feeling very emphatic at certain points, when my HS or whoever was speaking really had a strong point to make. Listening to the recording, this is not that evident — it’s not louder or anything — but I know where those portions are.

In some cases where I know what was meant but was not completely uttered, I’ve filled the phrase in in brackets. It’s definitely not true that I always knew that words were going to be chosen. Sometimes I was surprised by the wording, but I always had a sense of what was going to be said. At times I felt the desire to say “my” and “we” because my { ordinary, waking } consciousness was very much a part of what was being said. And at other times it was clearly about “Ellen” as in spoken from a higher perspective.

From what I understand of channeling, the being who is given permission to speak through a person’s body has access to the language centre of the brain. I believe that there were several various different speakers, based on how much I saw coming, and whether I wanted to jump in and say it myself of not ~ as well as when I was a little surprised at the particular expression. I think that there was also telepathy and empathic transfer going on between Ellen and the speakers as an integral part of the process. For example just as I was writing that, the word “Ellen” came out instead of “myself.” It really gives a sense of how fluid consciousness really is — as Jesus said, “I { we } contain multitudes.” It is also true that as a group of souls on Earth, we are beginning to have a fledgling awareness of our own collective consciousness.

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