My goal is peace, love and positive resolution.

{ Note: I plan to offer this service once I have certification from Doreen Virtue’s online course. This is an “under construction” page ūüôā }

We are all Spirits

Medium { “psychic” } connections and intuitive guidance go hand in hand, as we are all Spirits, and there is no separation to the Self. If there is¬†a particular being who has passed that you would like me to attempt to connect with, send me an email and I will let you know whether they respond to my query.

If I have made a good preliminary contact, you may send me your questions or concerns and I will do my best to get answers and reassurance for you. If I am unable to reach them, it may be I am simply not the medium for this particular communication. I can refer you to others who may be able to help.

On rare occasion, I may feel the need to lovingly decline, if the energy connection appears to be negative in a way that could cloud or distort the reading or damage the connection. I will be able to determine fairly quickly after I receive your contact whether I can help you or not, and would let you know then.

Mediumship is not an exact science or art, and at times comes with its own built-in distortions. I will offer the information I receive as best I comprehend it, and if you believe I have not made a true connection, I offer a money-back guarantee for mediumship only.