Oracle readings are available in many of the common spreads. Unless you specify a type of reading or particular deck, I will choose one of the following to use for your reading. And if you have a spread you particularly like, I am most happy to accommodate ~ just let me know. Oh, and I read only the upright meanings, just to keep things simple 🙂


I adore and use the following Tarot decks: Tarot Mucha by Lo Scarabeo, Shadowscapes Tarot, and the Wildwood Tarot. The more I work with Shadowscapes, the more enchanted I become. The descriptions are so different from traditional tarot ~ it’s poetic, dreamy, and so gentle. The Hierophant says: “Do not relinquish your dream, Salamander!”

Other Oracles

I consult The Book of Runes by Ralph H. Blum complemented with Futhark by Edred Thorsson to assist me in interpreting castings from a fabulous set of wooden rune beads { that I picked up on Etsy from Wyrd and Sundry }.

For Animal Card readings I use the Medicine Cards set by David Carson ~ and I will also use my intuition to enhance other interpretations that are available. If you’ve had a visit or encounter with an animal whether in your life ~ in dreams, or an image or photo that keeps recurring ~ there may be a message for you from the totem spirit of that animal. I’d be happy to ask your guides to send a message through me, if you’d like.

Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards are a beautiful set of High Being cards by Kyle Gray and illustrated by Lily Moses. The Life Path reading is profound, or a simple two-card reading can set or identify the tone for a day or give quick clarification on a topic.

In the future I would like to offer readings from all of the nature spirits ~ the plant kingdom, faeries & elementals. I will work on this 🙂

I Ching

When interpreting the I Ching, I rely on the robust wealth and depth of information in the traditional Wilhelm/Baynes translation, and loosen things up with Steven Karcher’s How to Use the I Ching ~ combined with Walter Luebeck’s intriguing insight from Reiki Way of the Heart. I typically cast marbles ~ I have a few different colour sets so if you’d like we can choose ones that work best for you, or I’ll let your guides choose for us.