Oracle Spreads

Here are some of the more common Tarot and other oracle card spreads. 

{ Under construction note: I will be adding drawings of the spread layouts. }

One-Card Tarot Reading

I use this reading when I want to set or read the tone for the day or an event, or to bring extra clarity where a broader spread leaves questions. Quite often I also use it as an Overlighting card in addition to any one of the spreads below.

O: Overlighting influence


Two-Card Tarot Spread

1. Issue or problem
2. Best guidance for action


Three-Card Tarot Spread

1. Past
2. Present
3. Future or Near future


Four Seasons Spread

I use this almost exclusively with the Mucha deck

Spring: “What can I nurture with my creativity?”
Summer: “What has come to its completion?”
Fall: “What is ready for harvest?”
Winter: “What needs protection and shelter?”


Two Five-Card Spreads

1. Situation
2. Challenge
3. Guidance
4. Focus
5. Outcome

1. Present
2. Past
3. Future
4. Reason
5. Potential


The Self-Healing Spread

1. The primary emotional block or issue from the past limiting self-growth
2. How this emotional block affected relationships with others in the past
3. How this emotional block is affecting relationships with others in the present
4. The lessons that can be learned from the emotional block
5. Steps that can be taken to encourage self-healing
6. The guiding spiritual principle to be followed in the future for self-healing


Spreads with More than Six Cards

Celtic Cross Spread

1. Situation
2. Challenge
3. Basis
4. Past
5. Present
6. Near Future
7. Your Power
8. External / Others
9. Hopes / Fears
10. Final Outcome


Life-Path Spread

Great for Angel Cards or the Keepers of the Light

1. You and a strength/gift you have
2. Your life ~ what’s going on right now
3. Something that supports your happiness
4. Obstacle/challenge you are overcoming
5. What your angels want you to know
6. What your guides want you to know
7. What your heart wants you to know