remedy & wisdom for kidney stones

As forwarded to a person on a healing & prayers list

most kidney stones are from lack of citric acid in the system. I had them _once_ a few years back. Never again. This tea served my health and sanity and possibly saved me another trip to emerg. I also learned from my experience to detect the subtle feelings in my body that might have indicated “sludge” leading up to stones —they felt like cramps but were located more to the sides or across the lower back

The emerg doctor told me that the stones are trying to pass into the ureter to go from the kidney into the bladder, but because it is not what the ureters are designed for, so the approach causes the ureter to spasm. This is what the pain is from. Just for information — I always like to understand things 🙂

I know from other understanding that kidneys are the “seat” of fear. If old fears have been processing, or a fright has been experienced, it puts a load of service on the kidneys, and if they haven’t been getting what they need in terms of water or whatever, they will not be able to keep stones from forming.


  • per 1 c. hot water:
  • 1 Tablespoon olive oil or other healthful oil
  • 1/2 lemon juice, squeezed in -RealLemon would probably also be fine but doesn’t taste as good IMO
  • at least 1 Tablespoon parsley -I used the dried herb as for cooking and went somewhat overboard
  • -to make it taste quite a bit better I also add 1 teaspoon or more of dried thyme leaves

put all the ingredients in the mug, then the boiled water into. let it cool a few minutes so the oil is not so hot. It and some of the citrus will gather on the top along with the leaves, so once it is cool enough, drinking the concoction is masked and it doesn’t feel too strange to be drinking oil. Drinking the rest after the oil and leaves are ingested is just a mildly herb-y lemon-y drink and is quite pleasant.

the oil tonifies both the kidneys and also the liver. parsley is the healing herb for kidneys [cilantro is the one for liver and also chelates, ie removes heavy metals from the body -fyi]. thyme is for taste but of course has its healing properties as well. leaves are better off swallowed as the body will use their qualities to help in healing. drinking just tea is better than nothing — but I find the leaves helps me ignore the oil

citrus supplies the necessary nutrients to prevent stones from forming, and also dissolves existing ones. lemon is the cure, rather than orange tangerine, etc. Lime might be fine but I found it tasted best with lemon

drink this once or twice a day for two weeks, then maybe once a week for three or four weeks. after that, I will drink it maybe once or twice a year if I feel nervous that it might be recurring

I got this wisdom from different articles on the web, combined with my personal gift of intuitive herbal wisdom that has served me well most all my life to discern what remedies will have good effect.