Obscurity Knocks

One of my favourite songs, by The Trashcan Sinatras, from their album cake { 1990 }.

I’ve modified the WordPress plugin Hello, Dolly! to feed song lines to my admin pages from “Obscurity Knocks” instead. Although I’d like to publish the code here, the Universe wiped it out yesterday in a frustrating series of errors — related to a Chrome bug..? gah! — and necessitated reloading my WP from a backup, over and over, late into the night. Naturally I didn’t save first { :/ }, so my test posts from yesterday were blown out. . . But I learned a lot!


Google the lyrics — One reason I really like these guys : “ huh..? ”

Perhaps I’ll still publish it,  but only after I’ve had a chance to thank the author and ask for his OK.

In the mean time, check the song for yourself !

E 🙂