Graphics & Development Portfolio

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Straight-up ↓ graphics ↓ are at the bottom.


Motion & GUI

→ SVG/GSAP Animations (JS/HTML/CSS) ←

These designs are proprietary and © All rights reserved.

  • Design elements concepted in Illustrator (vector) and recreated with CSS
  • All page elements hard coded — SVGs exported from Illustrator and recoded

→ iPad App (Hotel Concierge) ←

Contents proprietary and ©

iPad App in the News (@YouTube)

  • Collaborated with the iOS developer/senior architect
  • Designed & provided all graphical elements of the app
  • All elements (e.g. flags) custom-designed & pixel-perfect
  • Developed for Andaz 5th Avenue and remains ongoing since 2010 — in use today by many hotels worldwide


→ Articulate Storyline ←

Developed for my graduate program

These open in new tabs: (@AWS) ↓

↓ This one is lightboxed: (@YouTube) ↓


→ After Effects Clips (@YouTube) ←


→ Web Design & Development ←

Some are on the Wayback Machine

Custom child themes++

* (3 languages)
* The Shadow Box
* The Nourished Soul

Legacy hard-coded HTML/CSS++

* Café Musette
* Al Somma: Songs of Innocence
* BePop Records

  • Includes audio delivery for musical artists’ websites
  • For Shadowbox Learning (since redeveloped) I successfully integrated a legacy MYSQL database into the WordPress site. (Wayback didn’t archive it 🙁)

C All projects presented © Ellen or her clients & employers or their clients & partners. D
All audio is public domain or purchased for use.
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Graphic Design

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→ Straight-Up Design ←

→ One Sheets & Style Guides ←

C All art (except client-supplied) was created by Ellen’s brain & hands without “AI” D