About the Site

On this site you will find information on different aspects of who I am and what I offer. (Personal energy & intuitive services may be booked through the Store menu link.)

Grid? 4×4?

[spotify https://open.spotify.com/user/emcarnahan/playlist/6mqhC7B7cA4hvhK9pwGye3?si=VgNjD8owRK-54CRJHVd5bA]

The Artist section offers a showcase of my creations for interest and for sale.

I am a natural intuitive and “lightworker:” On the Intuitive section I describe energy healing & reading services and share my thoughts on various spiritual and holistic topics.

For the Academic minded, I invite you to follow my educational journey as I pursue my Masters of Education from Athabasca University.

The Blog is mainly full of personal excursions into music playlists, recipes and the odd bit. However blog categories from the other sections are in there as well — forewarned is forearmed. 🙂

Finally, the Store has two main sections for the time being: prints are available for sale through a number of print-on-demand vendors; gallery links will guide you. And my healing and reading services are directly available through the Store menu item as well as from their individual pages.

A note to the graphically oriented: you will notice that each of these main sections has a different look/design, but it is still just all one big site.

It’s all about integration :

Below are snippets of the individual section pages:

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