About Ellen

A naturally gifted intuitive and healing facilitator, Ellen has a knack for zooming out to see patterns. She believes in the power of unconditional love to bring answers for things that trouble us in life. But human existence is complicated, and at times our path does not appear to be straightforward.

It is my goal to assist and inspire others with resolving their challenges and creating their dreams. Investigating and integrating our different aspects can open up worlds.

In spiritual terms, we bring heaven to earth each time we lift our own spirits.

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Ellen has never stopped believing in magic.

Growing up in a bookish, intellectual, academic family presented challenges to maintaining her intuitive nature, yet ultimately enhanced it with her love of research and maintaining an open mind.

With more than 30 years in publishing behind her, she is now ready to share what she has learned about the human spirit.




  • Ellen holds a BA in German from the University of Connecticut. an ESL Teaching Certificate from the University of Anaheim, and an MEd (Master of Education) in Distance Education from Athabasca University.
  • For more information, visit her LinkedIn page.