About Ellen

Ellen has always enjoyed exploring the seemingly inexplicable. Ever since she can remember, she has been comparing symbolic and scientific perspectives.

In practice, she strives for the integration point — to watch and see just how those two paradigms actually coexist.

Ellen lives in Ontario and is eligible for work in Canada and the US.



Ellen has been: designing * developing * assessing * managing * editing * writing online courses for clients in industrial, professional, and academic sectors since 2014.

From 2001–2007, she created (paper) teaching kits at Weekly Reader for use in public-school classrooms. Employed by Shadowbox Learning Services 2014–2021+ (under contract into 2023), Ellen began delving into all aspects of online course development, including writing narration script for voice-overs and AI. During 2017–2022 she attended Athabasca University to achieve her MEd in Distance Education.

Instructional Milestones

  • Master of Education (Athabasca University) 2017–2022
  • ESL Teaching Certificate (University of Anaheim) 2019
  • Write and prepare script for narration 2019+
  • LMS administration & management (Moodle) 2017+
  • Art direct & manage eLearning teams & projects 2015–2021
  • Module development-to-deployment (planning+) 2014+
  • Design curriculum-aligned classroom materials 2001–2007
  • BA in German (University of Connecticut) 1989

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Enchanted with the beauty that comes through excellence, Ellen enjoys harmonizing seemingly disparate elements. A gift for languages and pattern recognition (along with a fond eye for wording and typography) illuminates the balance between meaning, form, colour and text, guiding towards a unified whole.

A design professional since 1991, she moved into educational publishing in 2001, and online module creation in 2014. She continues with both pursuits: incorporating Learning Design on the professional side, and adding personal creative projects on the Artist side.

Professional portfolio



A gifted intuitive and facilitator for personal change, Ellen has a knack for zooming out to see patterns. She has been working in the healing arts since about 2006, and studying energy and spiritual subjects officially since 1978.

It is her delight to assist and inspire others with resolving their challenges and creating their dreams. In spiritual terms, we bring heaven to earth each time we lift our own spirits.

Intuitive Certifications

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Since her early days, Ellen has relished in the craft of writing (both creative and expository). Her mom (a children’s librarian) and grandfather (a humourist with a large voice) introduced her to classic children’s literature — and the joy of words. There are several other wordsmiths in Ellen’s family, notably: her sisters (naturally) and late uncle.

Ellen is working on her first novel: Dream Worlds [and Open Systems].