I’ve been working in the healing arts since about 2006, and studying energy and spiritual subjects “officially” since 1978.

I believe firmly that energy creates moulds and sustains matter, including our bodies and physiological functioning. We do live in and are an integral part of a bio- and ecosystem, so assistance from the plant animal and mineral kingdoms, as well as the five elements, are part of this as well. Also integral to our personal experience is the collective consciousness of souls-on-Earth, particularly those whom we align most closely with in whatever way/s.

It is my goal to demonstrate these interrelationships in ways that will assist and inspire others with resolving their challenges and creating their dreams. In the words of my childhood and adolescence: I wish to synthesize science and religion. In spiritual terms: we bring heaven to earth each time we lift our own spirits.

In my blog I will be occasionally sharing stories from my own path that I feel apply to this desire.

With deep love and many blessings,
Ellen ❤