Ellen achieved a Master of Education in Distance Education from Athabasca University in 2022, and is open to instructional and learning design work.

Combining 30+ years in digital and traditional graphics and publishing with 10+ years in the field of educational publishing — from creating instructor classroom kits (2001+) to online learning modules (2014+) — she brings a comprehensive array of skills and experience to the table.

Ellen’s online learning portfolio is comprised of mainly proprietary samples. Thus, access to her LMS and educational portfolio (and CV) are available on request.

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View select samples @ her graphic design portfolio.

Instructional Milestones:

  • Ongoing learning in practical learning design 2023+
  • Master of Education (Athabasca University) 2017–2022
  • Instructional design contractor 2021+
  • Dan Coldeway Memorial Award for Instructional Design 2021
  • Write and prepare script for narration 2019+
  • ESL Teaching Certificate (University of Anaheim) 2019
  • LMS administration & management (Moodle) 2017+
  • Art direct & manage eLearning teams & projects 2015–2021
  • Module development-to-deployment (planning+) 2014+
  • Design curriculum-aligned classroom materials 2001–2007
  • BA in German (University of Connecticut) 1989

Ellen lives in Ontario and is eligible for work in Canada and the US.
For more detail, visit her LinkedIn profile.