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Uncovering Your Soul Gifts

Soul Realignment® sessions are a kind of Akashic Records reading. They have two basic parts: 1.) Identifying our own divine qualities can assist us in making more empowered and aligned choices in our lives. 2.) Understanding our past lives can bring clarity, understanding, and often closure on repeating patterns we may have been experiencing.

A Full Session includes both parts — A Soul Profile (part one of a Full Session) is required before I can do a Past Lives reading for you (part two). Once you’ve had either a full session or a Soul profile session from me, you can book a follow-up past lives reading to uncover different patterns.

Part One

  • Takes a look at your unique Soul gifts and characteristics
  • Uncovers where in the Galaxy you first incarnated or have spent most of your lives
  • Explores how your divine qualities helped shape and influence your personality, expectations, and reactions

Part Two

  • Focuses in on patterns from a few past events that you may still be processing or “re‑living,” emotionally, spiritually, or psychologically
  • Often identifies some patterns that are evident in your current life. I respect your privacy and receive only general information about your present life

Identifying Patterns

Your intentions, your loving guides, and your Higher Self will highlight the patterns from your past that are most relevant to whatever you might be trying to accomplish. Patterns either advance us or hold us back, and this session can be a powerful change agent.

At the end of each Past Lives session, I will facilitate an energetic clearing to help you push the “reset” button on your outlook, and start living beyond whatever past life experiences we identified.

How It Works

Before I can access your Akashic Records for a Soul Realignment reading, I will need four pieces of information from you. When you book a session, the intake form will prompt you for:

  1. Your full name now
  2. Your name at birth
  3. Your date of birth
  4. Your birth location

All Soul Realignment sessions are conducted remotely by Zoom or by phone (audio). A recording of the call will be sent to you shortly after the session.

Once you’ve paid for a session using one of the links below, I’ll email you so we can schedule our meeting.


Soul Realignment Sessions

Full Soul Realignment Session — 2 hours

$333.00 USD
Only available to First-time Soul Realignment clients.

Soul Profile + Past Lives Reading + Clearing/Healing

A comprehensive session including your divine characteristics and and exploration of past lives.

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  • Identifies fundamental aspects of your Soul’s blueprint — only needed once.
  • Allow at least two hours for a Full Soul Realignment session.

“Soul Profile Only” Session (Part One) — 1 hour

$177.00 USD
Only available to First-time Soul Realignment clients.

Soul Profile Only (No Past Lives or Clearing)

This session is equivalent to the first part of a Full reading and looks at your unique Soul gifts.

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Note that this session does not include information or discussion of any past lives, or an energetic clearing of your Akashic Records. However, I always support each session with Reiki and other positive energetic intentions.

  • Identifies fundamental aspects of your Soul’s blueprint — only needed once.
  • Allow at least one hour for a Soul gifts session.

“Past Lives/Follow-Up” Session (Part Two) — 1 hour

$177.00 USD
Only available to Returning Soul Realignment clients.

Follow-Up/Past Lives Session + Clearing/Healing

This session is the same as the second part of a Full reading and explores relevant past life patterns.

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  • Each Past Lives session will cover different lives and patterns. It can be repeated as many times as desired.
  • Allow at least one hour for a Past Lives session.