C These are real testimonials. Names have been withheld to preserve privacy. D

My Soul Realignment session with Ellen was therapeutic, unique, and transformative. I was blown away by the accuracy of the information and afterward I felt like a weight had been lifted.
Ellen’s attention to detail made this a highly personal, tailored experience that I will not forget. It was a unique experience and I loved it!
Seeing myself as a soul with many experiences increased my self-compassion and helped me relax and release old energies. I got exactly what I needed during the session and it continues to work through me.
The session was confirmation of my own insights and hit many important points for me. I experienced many aha moments and strong validations from my soul! I am still feeling activations since our session.
Ellen has great higher perspective, and I really trust her abilities to receive insight during a session. She is highly intuitive, listening, and empathetic.
I have better appreciation and perspective about incarnations and the positive and negative aspects of my divine gifts. Those two parts of the Soul Realignment explain a lot about my life.
A session with Ellen was a big treat and gift for my spiritual development and ascension. I was reminded of my essence and felt myself regenerate. I had some visions supporting the process, which I very much appreciate.
Ellen is clearly dedicated to bringing your soul into alignment and expression. I’m so grateful for this Soul Realignment session. It made a profound impact on me.
I had heard how good Ellen was with helping clear out energies related to old emotions and events. As we started the session, I felt clearing move through me. I have seen a real difference in my perceptions and perspective.
My Soul Realignment session with Ellen was profound. What came through felt highly resonant with me, and she explained everything in detail and with deep compassion.
During the session, I had intense insights and remembered conversations, topics, and trigger situations that I had experienced before. And Ellen mentioned exactly these topics, though I hadn't told her.
My Soul Realignment session was a strong and exciting experience with a lot of useful information. It was interesting to learn about karmic patterns and see the connections with my experiences.