Intuitive Coaching

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An Intuitive Coaching session with Ellen can help you find clarity or gain new perspective on your life or any important topics or issues you may be pondering.

A session may include any or all of the following:

  • Connection with your guides at many levels
  • Dream or other symbolic interpretation
  • Reiki or other spontaneous energy transmission
  • Tarot, Rune or other oracle reading

During each session I hold space for your highest good. Rest assured that healing and light transmission is occurring the entire time I am working — and if needed it will automatically extend far beyond, both before and afterwards.


We live in and are a crucial part of the bio- and ecosystem. At times inspiration can be found coming from the plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms.

Also integral to our personal experience is the collective consciousness of all Souls on Earth and elsewhere — particularly those we feel closest to.

I will keep an eye out for how all these interrelationships might assist and inspire you to grow and change in ways that you prefer.

Ellen has been working in the healing arts since about 2006 and has been consciously studying human energetics and spiritual subjects since 1978.

Intuitive Coaching

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One Hour (60 min)

$111.11 USD

One Hour Intuitive Coaching Session

Usually sufficient to cover one or two important issues. Extra time can be purchased if needed.

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Ninety Minutes (90 min)

$122.22 USD

Ninety Minute Intuitive Coaching Session

Ample time to cover one or more topics in depth. Extra time can be purchased if needed.

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Forty Minutes (40 min)

$75.75 USD

Forty Minute Intuitive Coaching Session

Enough time to look into concepts or concerns you are exploring. Extra time can be purchased if needed.

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